Non-Surgical Breast Lift
Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement

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Do you want to tighten your loose sagging breast and want to enhance/enlarge your breast? And have longer lasting results? Well, I have the perfect treatment package for you!

First, we will start with performing High-intensity focused ultrasound treatments to tighten loose sagging skin, improve skin texture & skin colour. Once we have performed the required sessions of HIFU breast lift treatments (See more about HIFU Non-surgical breast lift below) below). We will then move onto performing breast enhancement sessions using our breast suction (Vacuum) technology to add volume and perkiness to your breast (See more about Non-surgical breast enhancement below). We then give you a clinically proven leave-on mask/cream that helps to give an overall healthy glow & improve the appearance of the bust area. This cream works hand in hand with our vacuum Non-surgical breast lift. The maintenance cream is formulated with powerful firming, lifting, and volumizing ingredients. We will customise a tailored treatment plan for you and break down how many sessions you will require & instructions how to apply your cream at home. 

Once you achieve your desired look you discontinue treatments until you feel you require a reboot, you may go as little as 6 months before needing to come back and see us or as long as 2 years. Every individual is different.

Regain your youthful perkiness and skin elasticity with HIFU Breast Lifting is a non-surgical lifting treatment using ‘high intensity focused ultrasound.’ This energy can pass through the skin and deliver focused energy without damaging the skin surface. It is recommended for people with mild to moderate breast sagging.

Benefit of HIFU non-surgical breast lifting:

  • Enhance fullness of the cleavage
  • Improved skin colour, texture and tightness
  • Reduce wrinkles, vein appearance and skin sag
  • Increased breast and nipple sensitivity
  • Lift sagging breasts without the need for expensive and invasive surgery
  • There is no general anaesthetic, no scalpels
  • No downtime

High-intensity focused ultrasound is applied to the target area to tighten the dermis, subcutaneous, and fascial layers of tissue by stimulating collagen production. Hence, a much lifted and attractive breasts.

  • The result may be observable as immediate as after your first HIFU session!
  • Confidentiality is fully guaranteed
  • Suitable for all women

The treatment will allow you to have a firmer, more lifted and larger perkier breast.

A session can last for approximately 30 minutes during which blood and lymph circulation have enhanced the breast, which in turn allows for breast lifting. The vacuum suction causes the breast muscles to contract and strengthen which cause the breast to be firmer and the muscles to tighten.

The number of sessions required are anywhere from 4 to 16 sessions. Some patients will have results faster than others. The results vary greatly from person to person, depending on skin type, breast size, patient genes, lifestyle, etc.

In your session we will start by talking about your concerns and desired outcome, once we have your treatment plan discussed we will apply vacuum therapy oil and perform a manual massage on your breasts to allow your muscles to be ready for your treatment. The specialist performing the treatment will place suction cups to the area and start to perform the procedure.

Usually, after the first few sessions, you should have higher breast volume. Thereafter, the more treatment you do, the longer the results will stay. The body must have time to get used to the treatment process. For example, if you have a lot of volume to gain in your breast, ideally you will have 8 sessions fairly grouped together at the start (with a minimum of 48 hours between each session). The goal is to get the body used to it as quickly as possible and then do maintenance sessions when you feel necessary.  

Some women choose breast lift treatments at times when they wish to have more volume on the breasts in the year, for example before a beach vacation or just for the summer.

The vacuum breast lift treatment is an excellent alternative to risky and expensive operations like breast augmentation because it’s non-surgical. Its effectiveness has made it a very popular treatment.

Vacuum Breast Enhancement is not a permanent solution you will require maintenance treatments to maintain your required breast size.

Non-Surgical Breast Lift
Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement

Full Non-Surgical Breast Lift & Non-Surgical Enhancement/Enlargement Package With Clinical Proven Cream- Each individual is unique and needs a treatment plan tailored to them, we will discuss a treatment package/pricing during your first consultation.